Our aim is to provide our customers quality value jewellery at factory price, our jewellery shop outlet was established after 30 years of experience in the jewellery industry, from sourcing rough diamonds and gems to shaping and polishing of the gems, designing and producing jewellery in Thailand, Lebanon, Italy and Spain and serving our customers worldwide.

Outletjewel.com will be selling the jewellery at a price almost at cost of raw material and labour plus a margin of profit that is negligible, which allows the customer to own a piece of jewellery paying for its material and labour cost.

In any item you buy a small analysis should be conducted, what I am paying for? We can answer you the question in a very transparent and straight forward way justifying the ticket price you are paying.

We chose to perform from Barcelona Spain fulfilling our mission towards the five continents.  Carati, our mother company established in 1998 will be behind the management of outletjewel.com .

The mission is to create a blend between a quality product in a distinctive design and a strong brand image reaching the young and modern woman.

OutletJewel.com is a sales portal created and marketed by carati spain jewellery s.a.

Outletjewel.com is 100 %sales online concept to offer the best prices in the jewellery industry. owning a piece of jewellery from outletjewel.com will be an amazing experience